Visualisation Workshop In Water

MAKE YOUR VISION SO CLEAR THAT YOUR FEARS BECOME IRRELEVANT. Imagine what your life might look like once you stop letting fear, doubt, inconsistency and lack of clarity stand in your way.

Workshop Date is arranged individually for this 1:1 session

This is available only ON LOCATION in different parts of the world

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Visualisation practise

You'll be taken and guided through a process to clear your mind and emotional blocks.

YOU will be invited to BE open to your subconscious level during this practice. Which provides a straight pathway to change negative past experiences in a safe and guided way. 

Merge into ONE with the Universe

Experience what it means to feel SAFE in your body. This is the biggest level of freedom you can choose to have that provides courage for action.

This practice creates new neural pathways where you can integrate new possibilities for yourself.

Get Clarity from the Source

Sometimes you can feel LOST. That's why you'll be shown where and how get CLARITY on your next move.

This experience is invaluable for anyone WHO is creating a new path for themselves. Get clear on how to lead your life.

Choose what is best for you - re-create your reality

Water is my home and I share this connection during the session. You will be soothed, wrapped and cocooned in the arms of sea. 🌊

You can have the same benefits as if you MEDITATED for several years and I'm here to show you how with DEEP visualisation!

Practising this visualisation helped me to get to 30 m depth under water with one breath 🌬️

I'll show you how to create without restrictions and limits in your mind, achieve your vision and goals, and most importantly, do it with the biggest excitement in your heart.

This is the path of leat resistance...clearing LIMITATIONS

YES, I want to re-create my LIFE!

What you can expect

- DEEP relaxation and submerging into your subconscious level

- Look into your fears, hidden emotions and limiting beliefs

- Uncover layers of your sub-personalities 

- Resolve past traumas and mindset blocks

- Create with your soul, heart and mind working together

- Gain clarity by re-connecting with your future self and vision

This Is An Exclusive Experience

Available for VERY limited number of people a few times per year. Get on the waiting list for 1:1 visualisation workshop, get available dates and destination! 

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