Episode 11. Chris Lee: Use Neuroscience to Improve Mental Health

Uncategorized May 03, 2022
Long We Live
Episode 11. Chris Lee: Use Neuroscience to Improve Mental Health

In this episode I talk with Dr. Chris Lee, who is founder and CEO of Elemental Shift, a neuroscience-based consulting company educating on brain-based creativity, productivity, motivation and research-based strategy for a healthier mindset.


Dr. Chris consulted with 8 figure stockbrokers on Wall Street to technology companies in California using custom biometric and neurofeedback data to build more resilient companies from the inside out.

In this conversation he spoke on topics such as:

- Being more ALIVE

- how to not give up into FEAR and sacrifice your life for SECURITY

- growing brave children who are unaffraid to fail

- living based on your values

- how everything your brain does is a skill such as anxiety and depression and it can be unlearned

- why it's so hard to get out of toxic patterns

- step 1 in changing how your brain works

- using biometric date to have a sustainable long-term change

- emotional regulation and stress management

And much more. Enjoy!

Learn more about dr. Chris Lee work here: https://doctorchrislee.com/


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