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This course will help you to end negative self talk and unlock the power of your mind. You'll learn how to change your subconscious story and empower yourself with daily rituals. 




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What You'll Learn?

The Master Your Mind is an online course facilitated by Founder Eisve Treciakauskaite. The content for each module includes a video lecture, an exercise, and a worksheet on the theme. Here is a breakdown of the themes we will cover in the course:

MODULE 1: Vision Creation

As humans, our natural state is to feel calm but most of us are so disconnected from ourselves that we focus on things outside of ourselves to feel good, like career, partners, or our environment. The truth is that your relationship with yourself unlocks the natural state of love & calmness. In the first module, I will guide you through the vision creation process to overcome your blocks and to connect to your higher self even in times of stress or fear.

MODULE 2: Future Self Plan

You will learn how to take aligned section towards your goals that your grandest vision would become reality. In this module, you'll learn how to connect your vision to the present moment and create a GPS road map on how you can get there.

MODULE 3: Connecting to Yourself

It’s time to connect with yourself and change the relationship you have with yourself. You will learn how to live whole-heartedly life and solve inner battles. In this module, we will use different journaling methods to change the perspective and to create our own world.

MODULE 4: Morning Routine

You need to trust and embody your vision. This is where you will learn how to do it each day. Daily affirmations and gratitude practices are so transformative if you know how to do it right. In this module, we will use morning ritual to evoke the parts of you who you want to become because it's already within you.

MODULE 5: Evening Routine

Transformation is not the final horizon. You will never come to the end of the journey of growth. The work is constant, and part of that work is acknowledging your wins and rewiring your brain by taking radical responsibility and personal accountability for your journey. In this module of the course, we will use evening routine to practice acknowledging our steps of the way and integration.



Own Your Day

Find your best version

Perform Better

Maximise your performance

Feel Empowered

Get a clear path of your journey

Be Mindful

Stay present in any situation

Fuel Your Morning

Daily rituals for vitality

Accelerate Growth

Adopt a growth mindset


I've got a lot to show you. 

If you've tried to overcome the fear, anxiety, stress, and everyday worries - you know how hard those inner battles are...But you're not alone.

You've been in a stress state for so long that your body forgot the ways to relax and bring your mind to the calm state.

I know it because I've been living with anxiety and panic attacks for many years. It can feel devastating and soon you forget how the normal state feels.

After years of learning, I managed to find a path and created a formula to show you how to eliminate stress in your life. I don't want it to take you years to figure it out. Maybe this transformation will take you days.


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Rewire your neural pathways to experience the change. 

This course is centered around journaling and daily practices. Inside you’ll learn how the conscious and subconscious mind work, vision, and future-self creation process while rewiring your brain throughout the journey.
You will be invited to discover a new topic and exact morning and evening practices that will allow you to transform your mind and eventually - Master Your Mind.

Take a journey with me.

Let me guide you on an exploration into your magnificent inner world…

By the end of the program you will:

  • Know how to stop activating stress every day in your life.
  • Know how to stay calm, relaxed, and more energized throughout the day.
  • Have tools to change your brain and form new neural pathways.
  • Make your own 90 days future-self plan.
  • Know how to journal in 8 different ways to solve problems and inner battles.
  • Daily 10-minute practices to transform your mind and mental wellbeing.

What's Inside:

8 Journaling Methods

Learn how to journal looking at your life through different lenses to solve problems and inner battles.

90 Days Future-Self Plan

Connect to your own inner voice by understand the rules of the mind and  create the life you want.

10-Minute Practices

Implement easy and short but powerful daily life tools to see a positive impact in your life.


"Your course came to my hand at the right time for me. I was feeling stressed out at work and I didn't know what to do about it. Your course helped me to find inner peace."

- Jon D.

"Thank you for your course. I can feel the impact this course did on me. I am happy that I found you."

- Abby S. 

"My head was full of chaotic thoughts, I was feeling stress every day and it was hard for me to feel calm. Almost all the time I've been lost in my own head.
After using your method for 2 weeks, I can see how different I'm. I started feeling that I'm more stable in my mind."

- Caroline K.

About Eisve Treciakauskaite

I used to have severe panic attacks and constant anxiety throughout the years. I locked myself at home hardly with any social interaction, trying to save myself this way from another panic attack. That wasn't a sustainable way, but I didn't know any better way back then. 
I didn’t know a lot about stress and I became disconnected from my emotions and body, and the entire world. Trying desperately to avoid anxiety and future panic attack. I felt desperate and lonely without any solution.
Many years passed until I realized that if I wanted to change things, I needed to learn how to win my inner battles. Slowly but surely I started creating new neural pathways in my brain and I finally experienced the change - I was in control of my mind, not my mind was in control of me.
Now I can fully live in a present moment without worrying about the future or past.
The strategies inside my formula help free yourself from stress and experience a calm mind.

I have put these strategies into this Master Your Mind course to help others who are struggling with stress and anxiety. You will be guided on this journey and I will show you a path to break free from stress.

Constant stress and anxiety aren't normal.
In my course, I will introduce you to the vision and future-self creation, guide you through journaling practices, and help you reconnect with yourself so that you can finally access your innate wisdom, safety, and calm.

With All My Heart,

Eisve Treciakauskaite

Founder of

Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

I’m 100% certain that Master Your Mind has the power to transform your life. But if you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 30 days after purchase, simply send me an email with attached and filled PDF files and delete all files you obtained from the course, and ask for a full refund.

That’s how much I believe in what I’m offering you. I don’t want anything standing between you and your freedom from felling stressed, so I’ve made this totally risk-free for you.



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